Here is the title slide from my Meet-a-German presentation to American middle- and high-schoolers taking German classes. You might remember from earlier posts that “Servus” is the Bavarian way to say hello.
When Kacper got back from his trip to Iceland, we swapped presents from our travels. I gave a jar of truffle sauce from Croatia and he gave me beer, chocolate, and bath salts from Iceland.

I’ll keep this post short because this week was jammed packed but uneventful. I had plenty of chores to do upon my return from Croatia which occupied most of my time. 

On Wednesday I participated in a Fulbright Commission organized “Meet-a-German” event, where I, as a stand-in German, gave a presentation to German classes at a school near St. Louis about what it’s like to live in Germany. I gave the presentation seven times, over Zoom of course, and really enjoyed the day. Wednesday night was our dorm’s start-of-the-semester meeting, which I missed most of because of my presentations. Yet another event that occurred late on Wednesday was the dorm’s bar re-opened for the first time since the pandemic began. I had a drink in the bar before Kacper returned home from his trip to Iceland, so we spent some time catching up.

Kacper and his brother had friends visiting so I split my time on Thursday and Friday hanging out with them and cramming in work time. My fun excursions included a stop in the Augustiner Bräustuben (a beer hall) and a trip just outside of Munich to Erding, which claims to have the world’s largest thermal baths as well as a water park atmosphere. I also got a kick of adventure and rode quite a few waterslides — one of which was at an extreme 60 degree angle. 

Saturday night was prep time for the upcoming week when my college roommates would be visiting. Since no one arrived during daytime hours, I checked into the airbnb for them and took the opportunity to cook dinner in a quiet kitchen, which you can see in the title photo. At about one in the morning, Kacper and I met Jess, the first to arrive, at the train station, walked her to the airbnb, and had a short conversation before we all hit the hay.

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