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Meeting, Hiking, and Grilling: May 3 – May 9

No surprise but yet another week was full of exciting developments for both research and fun! Monday night a bunch of us watched Dr. Strange. Tuesday was exciting because an architecture student who also lives in Roncalli gave us a tour of the Roncalli Chapel. It was also interesting to have a conversation [...]

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Sunset in Olympiapark: April 26 – May 2

As per usual, this week included working, hanging out in the Innenhof, running, doing yoga and playing darts, badminton, and ping pong. On Monday I had my best run of the year yet! One of my floormates even commented on my improvement. We had a group Gazpacho dinner on Monday followed by [...]

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“Abenteuer” or “Adventure:” April 19 – April 25

How many German’s does it take to replace a bike tube? Only one, but we had 5 helping and one sad American onlooking (more on this later). The week began normally with work, casual hangouts, a run, and darts. On Monday I had the added responsibility of the last day of being [...]

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Bonding with Floormates: April 12 – April 19

Chilly, rainy, and sometimes snowy weather limited most of my activities this week to being indoors. As usual I worked throughout the week but found some time for fun too! I’ve kept running with some floormates roughly once a week, though I never feel like I am improving. One run this week [...]

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A Quiet Week: April 5 – April 11

This week was nice and calm. Some people slowly trickled back from Easter Break throughout the week, but it was mostly quiet. I finished reading another book this week. Of course I still enjoyed some of the usual activities like chatting in the kitchen and playing badminton and darts. On Tuesday I [...]

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Frohe Ostern (Happy Easter): March 29 – April 4

One goal from this week was to enjoy the nice weather while it's still here. Anyone who doubted the sunshine could easily find proof on my sunburned face, which garnered some good-natured teasing from my floormates. On Monday I cooked lunch for some floormates, and we enjoyed it in the Innenhof, which [...]

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Schnitzeljagd: March 8 – March 14

I predominantly occupied myself this week by reading and working in my room, which isn’t at all exciting to talk about. Some notable variations in my work pattern included playing badminton, darts, and zoom-yoga. I did call an English speaking dentist office first thing on Monday morning. While the dentist herself speaks [...]

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Hiking near Schliersee: March 7

We left first thing in the morning and caught an hour-long train south to the Fischhausen-Neuhaus train station near Schliersee, or Schlier Lake. We intended to hike the Brecherspitze mountain, but upon seeing the shadowy snow and ice covered slopes, we decided we prefered to take a different trail that appeared to [...]

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