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Rome: Dec. 27 to Dec. 31

Wednesday, Dec. 27, we said goodbye to our relatives and took the train to Rome! We arrived in the afternoon, took our time getting settled in the Airbnb, and went out to dinner, stopping at the Trevi Fountain along the way! After dinner we continued onto the Spanish Steps where, after enjoying the [...]

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Suno, Chamonix, and the surrounding towns: Christmas

*Quick sidenote: to see photos for Chamonix click here! Waking up for my early flight was definitely worth it because by around 9:00 AM I was reunited with my family. After hugging and grabbing our luggage, my mom, dad, grandma, and I were on the road with our Italian family back to their [...]

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Köln: Dec. 20 to Dec. 21

We woke up early on Wednesday and caught our train to Köln, Cologne in English, arriving around noon. After dropping our bags off at the hostel (interesting sidenote: every room in the hostel had a different exciting theme—ours was circus themed! You can check out this link to their website to see pictures!), [...]

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Hamburg: Dec. 18 to Dec. 19

Monday began with a walk to the Rathaus, or town hall, to find the meeting point for a walking tour of the city. We explored much of the historic town and saw most of the major monuments—churches, canals, the warehouse district, and the foundations of the original fort. In a previous post, when [...]

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Dresden: Dec. 16 to Dec. 17

We started the day off with a filling breakfast then walked through some Christmas Markets on our way to the Altstadt, or Old City. Once we crossed the Elbe River we went inside the Hofkirche, the city’s major Catholic church. After exploring more Christmas Markets, we went to Dresden’s most visited site: the [...]

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Berlin: Dec. 13 to Dec. 15

Wednesday morning a group of eight of us woke up very early to depart for the first part of my Winter Break Adventure: Germany!! Leg one includes Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne. I felt that all the time I spent in German class from seventh grade to senior year led up to this moment! [...]

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Nov. 28 to Dec. 13

It was deadline week so I’ll skip through working in studio, which occupied most of the week, and just highlight some of the interesting parts! On Tuesday, we had the incredible opportunity to meet Giacometta Limentani, a Jewish woman who attended a segregated school during WWII in the building which is currently the [...]

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