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For those of you that inquired, the countdown clock on the homepage represents my remaining time in Italy ... on this trip. (I'm already planning my return journey!)

Aug. 29 to Sept. 9

Last Tuesday we had a workshop on the Nolli Plan instructed by a professor from Penn State’s Rome Program, Allan Ceen. A very simple description of the Nolli Plan is a large, intricately detailed map of Rome created by Giambattista Nolli in 1748. Both the graduate and undergraduate students were divided into groups of three [...]

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Aug. 23 to Aug. 28

Ciao! I’ve been in Rome for five days now and I am excited, sun-kissed (or burnt), and exhausted! I’ve created this blog to keep family and friends updated on my almost year-long experience abroad. I will also plan on including other things on my website, like my projects from both my “art” classes and my [...]

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