The Bavarians really know what they are doing when it comes to flower boxes.
Throughout the week, my stress was increasing from my work, so I took a little extra time to get to the archive on Thursday in order to stop for a gourmet vanilla, chocolate, raspberry ice cream sandwich.
Most of Munich’s major squares have been transformed for this festival. I particularly liked how colorful Odeonsplatz is.
The Munich architect with whom I met not only gave me a tour of his studio, but also gave me a bottle of wine to take home.

I had another busy work week with nothing of note from the first few days. On Thursday I was fortunate enough to get off the archive waitlist, so I spent the afternoon there examining old construction drawings. As I made my way to the appointment, I took a slight detour in the Altstadt to the Viktualienmarkt, where I got a tasty ice cream sandwich. The entire city was pretty active because there is an IAA Mobility-sponsored festival going on. Later that evening I had two calls with colleagues back in the US. 

Friday afternoon brought the pleasure of meeting with a Munich-based architect with whom I had previously communicated about my research. I enjoyed seeing his office, hearing about his projects, and learning about his research and design methods. On Saturday I busied myself during the day, but in the evening a few floormates had trickled back from their vacations so I spent some time catching up with them. At night I caught up with an architecture friend on the West Coast.

Sunday was quite exciting compared to the rest of the week. In the afternoon I went with a friend to a hockey game in Munich, and cheered the EHC (Eishockey Club = Ice Hockey Club) Red Bull München on to a 6-4 victory over the Kölner Haie, or Cologne Sharks. We talked to the girl standing next to us who was also a huge hockey fan, and I enjoyed comparing and contrasting our American vs. German fan experience. I spotted a handful of NHL jerseys in the stands, two of which were Pens jerseys! After getting back, Olga, one of my former roommates, spontaneously called me and after talking for a little bit, I had to say goodbye and transition to a pre-planned Facetime with another group of former roommates. In the evening I met Kacper at the train station upon his return to Munich, and we caught up on our past week.

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