Thursday night we enjoyed red wine, salad, steak, and, my favorite, mashed potatoes!
The Starnberger See is a very popular Saturday spot for Munich’s residents.
You can see the silhouette of the Alps in the distance. On cooler and clearer days you can see the mountains with much more detail.
All in all, Saturday was a great opportunity to savor what is left of summer. 
The ice cream shop in the town of Starnberg is amazing. Their signature homemade butter cinnamon waffle bowl is delicious. I couldn’t resist trying three flavors. Obviously, I needed a scoop of chocolate, but I was more experimental with the other two. I tried the “Milchreis und Kirsche,” or “milk rice (rice pudding) and cherry,” which is a popular dish in Germany. The last flavor I tried was buttermilk, raspberry, and lime, which was super refreshing on such a hot day.
This first half of the week was rather productive since I didn’t have anything exciting going on. This first event occurred Wednesday night when the current Fulbright cohort hosted an informal Q&A for the new Fulbright cohort. Thursday was a homemade dinner date night, the highlight of which was Facetimeing with my grandma so that she could meet Kacper. On Friday I met up with fellow Fulbrighter Samantha, and we grabbed a yummy dinner at a vegan Thai restaurant. Saturday was the highlight of the week. Samantha and I went to the Starnberger See where we picnicked, read books for our research, and swam. The day was a nice mix of relaxation and productivity. We topped the day off by getting delicious ice cream! After going to Mass on Sunday, I worked throughout the day, and caught up with former roommates Olga and Bri at night.

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