Clearing out the kitchen involved many trips back and forth.
It was really “all hands on deck” to get the job done.
It was strange to see our normally crammed kitchen empty.
I am a little disappointed that our green wall, with signatures, sayings, and sketches, will be painted over.
One small joy from the week was Facetiming with my little neighbors!
This tractor was essential for the set-up and tear down of the party. It was also our means of transportation from the train station to the lake.
This tent was the heart of the party since it shielded the food and drinks and the music wagon was right next to it.
The sunset on the water was peaceful.
This Bavarian birthday party is yet another example of an event that I never expected I’d be able to experience here.
This week was fairly routine with a few notable events thrown in the mix. On Monday I bought a poke bowl for lunch, and Kacper and I made gyros as a dinner-date. Tuesday was calm, while Wednesday was hectic as we had to completely empty out our kitchen because it is about to be renovated. We moved kitchen supplies into storage and our own groceries into the back building’s catering-style kitchen. While it’s an inconvenience to go over to the back building for every meal, it’ll pay off once we have a shiny new kitchen.

On Thursday I joined Fulbright Zoom Yoga for the first time in a long time. It’s a little sad because more and more Fulbrighters’ grants are coming to end, and they’re returning to the States. Unfortunately our numbers are dwindling, but luckily the end of my grant will slightly overlap with the arrival of the new Fulbright cohort. For lunch on Friday some floormates got a tasty soup from a small restaurant around the corner from us.

Saturday was bursting with excitement. A big group of us got burritos for lunch before we caught a train to a Lower Bavarian village that is the hometown of one of our floormates who invited us to a birthday party on a lake. After arriving at the train station, the birthday boy greeted us and drove a tractor, with us in the trailer, to the party location. The party involved swimming, dancing, eating Bavarian food, and, of course, drinking Bavarian beer. We got to meet his hometown friends and, admittedly, I was a little daunted by all the Bairisch that was spoken. Fortunately, after introducing myself, everyone switched to Hoch Deutsch, or high German, when speaking directly to me. The party was a blast, and being in the country, I had the added bonus of seeing two shooting stars. Our Roncalli group said goodbye in the wee hours of the morning, walked to the train station, and rode back to Munich, where we promptly went to bed. A lazy Sunday was a natural result of Saturday’s excitement. Also, after a short hiatus, I finally rejoined the Sunday pizza tradition.

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