Oberammergau had many beautiful buildings which were enhanced with colorful flowers.
The interior of St. Peter and Paul in Oberammergau has a typical southern German Baroque design.
As wonderful as it was to share Munich’s usual sites and my daily routine with my parents, it was also exciting to explore new places with them!
The grounds of the palace provide an intriguing contrast between manicured gardens and open wilderness.
King Ludwig II had an insatiable appetite for building opulent castles and palaces. As he did at Linderhof, he often drew inspiration from Louis XIV and Versailles.
The whim and fantasy involved in the palaces of King Ludwig II, as well as his infatuation with work of German composer Richard Wagner, earned him the nicknames the Swan King and the Fairytale King.
The palace was relatively small but the gardens seemed endless.
As expected, the gardens were also quite picturesque.
Here are our photos from a day trip to Oberammergau and Schloss Linderhof!

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