The Alps never disappoint.
We were blessed with good weather for our hike.
Through a gap in the trees we spotted the town of Bayrischzell below.
I tend to enjoy the upper part of the hike, when the trail gets rockier.
Happy hikers
Like many hikers do, we took a beer break in a meadow-like area near the peak.
Hiking in the spring and fall provides scenic snowy peaks, but in the summer you can enjoy abundant greenery and crystal blue skies.
Small pauses are necessary for these hikes, not only to catch your breath, but also to take in the scenery!
The lower part of the mountain had lush green grass and we passed many cows and some goats during our trek.
On our way back down the mountain, we came upon a powerful waterfall.
The waterfall let out on the outskirts of the town.
This photo, taken from Bayrischzell, shows the Wendelstein peak.
As soon as my parents knew they could visit, they were looking forward to hiking in the Bavarian Alps. Here are pictures from our hike of the Wendelstein peak, starting from the town of Bayrischzell.

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