The KKA is an annual variety show where each floor puts on a performance of some sort, usually Roncalli related, for everyone’s enjoyment. With Munich’s Covid cases back down, we were finally able to have the event outdoors! In the title image you can see a bird’s eye view of the event. The stage was in front of the chapel and each floor had a table. We got food and drinks at the bar in the upper right corner of the picture. This picture shows one floor’s parody of The Bachelor where each contestant represented another one of the floors.
This group created a “Pizza Blitz,” where during the duration of a live song, they prepared a pizza. At the end of the skit they revealed that they had already made a pizza for each floor to enjoy!
Our floor played an interactive game that required one volunteer from each floor. A sign was displayed in front of the stage so that the contestants could not see it but the audience could. The sign would have a statement like this one: “Mehr Bar als Bib,” or “I spend more time in the bar than I do in the library.” If that statement applied to you as an audience member, you had to stand up. The contestants then had to guess what the sign said based on who they saw standing.
This floor put on a kitchen themed fashion show, and each member had at least one change of outfit!
Since the Nikolaustag festivities were cancelled last year due to Covid, this floor decided that June wasn’t too late! St. Nick read poems they had written about each of the floors while two representatives from each floor sadistically kneeled on beer crates. (You could opt to kneel on the ground or with the cushion if you were willing to take a shot of Schnapps in exchange). Two angels and Krampus, St. Nick’s evil counterpart, watched on.
One floor had contestants compete in a series of Minute-To-Win-It-type games. Here, the fastest team to eat the pretzels won. The catch? The pretzels were tied to a string way over the contestants’ heads.
Another game from the same floor entailed two teammates using two beer crates to go around the yellow trash bin and back without touching the ground. The team who made the loop the fastest won. You might even spot me laughing in the background of this picture. 
At the end of these mini-games the winners got to dump water on the losers!
This floor put on a skit that was a parody of both The Smurfs and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
Unsurprisingly, the Müggelsee was a popular Saturday spot in the intense heat.
Mass outside in the shade on Sunday morning was very pleasant.
This observation tower on the outskirts of Berlin's city limits gives a beautiful 360 degree view of the surroundings.
Kacper, his brother, and I made it to the top of this observation tower.
This is the view looking west from the top of the observation tower. The body of water peaking through the trees is the Flakensee.
We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon sitting in the shade on the Flakensee.
Grilling was the perfect way to end an exciting week!
My plans for this week changed relatively last minute because late on Sunday night, my boyfriend Kacper invited me to go to Berlin with him to stay with his family. 

On Monday afternoon I had another archive visit. I also had to run into the state library to accomplish a quick task. I made it back to the dorm just in time for the first night of Roncalli‘s „Kleinkunstabend,“ literally „small art night,“ to begin. Abbreviated and more commonly referred to as the KKA, this annual event is a variety show where each floor has to perform a skit, lead a game, sing a song, etc. I spent Tuesday mainly packing and prepping to leave for Berlin the following day. In the evening I enjoyed the second night of the KKA. 

On Wednesday morning we set off for Berlin via car and arrived in Berlin in the late afternoon. The trip was orientated toward family time and local sight-seeing in the outskirts of the city as opposed to the traditional tourism of the city center, which was fine by me since I have already seen most of Berlin’s major monuments, museums, and attractions (see my post from December 2017). In addition, as much as I love being surrounded by people my age, it was also really nice to be in a familial and residential setting for a change.

Upon our arrival his family had a meal prepared for us and we spent the rest of the day hanging out and relaxing together. Everybody was busy on Thursday since his younger sisters were at school, his mother was at work, and we had our own assignments and projects to work on. After everyone’s business was out of the way, we were all able to relax and spend some quality time together. Friday was essentially the same as Thursday with work during the day and hanging out in the evening. 

The weekend brought more excitement with a family shopping trip in the morning, after which Kacper and I met his brother and a friend for lunch at an Italian restaurant. To escape the intense heat and humidity, we then headed to the beach and swam in the Müggelsee! Our fun in the sun ended in time to go to Kacper’s brother’s apartment and watch the Germany versus Portugal soccer game in the group stage of the 2020 European Championship. We returned to his family’s house to watch the Poland versus Spain game.

On Sunday we enjoyed outdoor Mass followed by ice cream. We had brunch back at the house and then some of us took off for afternoon adventures, both practical and fun. Our first stop was to wash the car, but then we headed to some nearby lakes and an observation tower. When we got back home we all watched a movie together and then in the evening we had a cookout for dinner! That night they all delighted in showing me one of their favorite German comedies, “Fack ju Göhte.”

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