Döner Kebab, most often just called Döner, is a Turkish dish similar to Greek Gyros. Germany’s large Turkish population helped make Döner a very popular every day street food!

Scarletti, a well-established ice cream shop in Munich, traces its roots back to 1879! Luckily it is just a block or two from my dorm, so I plan on becoming a “regular.” I got Tiramisu and their special chocolate flavor, and they did not disappoint! The Tiramisu flavor even had chucks of Lady Fingers in it!
I snagged these beautiful looking and delicious tasting macarons with the “Too Good To Go” app. I was happy to share them with my floormates!
We all brought our own “main course” for the grill, mostly meats, veggies, and “Grillkäse” or Grill Cheese, and we made side dishes to share! I provided fresh veggies and chips with homemade guacamole. Other people made garlic bread, rice salad, caprese salad, and regular salad. While I’ve had German style potato salads before, the Bavarian potato salad one girl made from a family recipe was by far the best version I’ve had!
Friday brought along exciting energy and a party attitude! After finishing a stressful semester and looking forward to a big change, my one friend decided she wanted to shave her head. Another girl was in charge and the rest of us watched to cheer her on!
Another reason Friday was celebratory is because it was another floormate’s birthday! The festivities included, but were not limited to, eating brownies & cake, drinking beer, singing, dancing, and playing a game outside while it lightly snowed. The game is called Flunkyball, though if you ask my floormate who lives in Berlin he would tell you it’s called Bierball.
Here is a picture of my unfortunate chipped tooth, which is hopefully a temporary condition.
This view is the teaser picture to the post and slideshow dedicated to Sunday’s hike near the Schliersee.

What a fun week! Monday began with my typical studious morning, but when lunch break rolled around, my friends convinced me to get Döner with them instead of cooking my own lunch. The Döner stand is conveniently located next to Scarletti, an ice creamery, where we finished our meal by indulging in a sweet frozen treat! Later that afternoon I went on another dessert-driven adventure. My floormates have been raving about the app “Too Good To Go” where, for a discounted price, you can reserve the “leftovers” from restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries. I finally seized the opportunity to test it out when I saw a listing for macarons, so I picked them up and shared them with my friends!

While Tuesday was completely dedicated to working, Wednesday brought more exciting activities. Our floor decided to have a cook-out, or “grillen,” which is a popular German pastime. I anticipate there will be many more such events when the weather improves. Unfortunately, the lovely sunny weather from the previous week decided to change the day we had the grill reserved. Everyone provided his own food for the grill and contributed a side dish for the group, so in the end, there was a delicious smorgasbord! The day continued with enjoying a beer in the Innenhof, eating leftovers, playing darts, and going on a group night walk around the neighborhood. 

Thursday’s work balanced out nicely with meals with friends and common time in the kitchen. A festive atmosphere arrived with Friday, as our floor celebrated a floormate’s, Dani’s, birthday. As to be expected there was beer, cake, games, music, and dancing! I did, unfortunately, chip my front tooth but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the rest of the day’s activities. I anticipate that my next post will detail my investigation into Munich’s dental scene. 

Saturday was another work driven day in anticipation of a workless Sunday, which was dedicated to a group hike around the mountains near Schliersee, or Schlier Lake. It was an adventurous day and to do it justice, I will elaborate more and include additional images in its own post, here! After we returned home, we warmed up with “Kaffee und Kuchen,” or “coffee and cake” or tea if you’re like me and don’t drink coffee. We capped the night off with the weekly pizza order.

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